Shindokai Research Society
The Shindokai Kobujutsu Research Society was organized in 2003 to enhance the understanding of classical martial arts disciplines and debunk popular miscinceptions about their utility in the modern era.

Our focus is to understand how the applications and teachings of traditional jujutsu, karate and weaponry play a role in modern day defensive tactics.

The Society is led by Robert Rivers. Mr. Rivers began his training in martial arts in 1989. He has attained several senior teaching certifications to include a Master Instructor Certification from the prestigious Dai Nippon Butokukai.

Book Review: Thoughts and Rants From a Wanderer on the Path

What would happen if you took a series of blog posts, social media posts and notebook journal entries, loosely organized them by themes and then published them as a book? You would get something like Timothy Jurgens’ “Thoughts and Rants From a Wanderer on the Path. The author, Timothy Jurgens, has been studying various forms…